Host-Pathogen Interaction: Biology and Public Health

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Host-pathogen interactions play a critical role in the maintenance of biodiversity but can also have significant impacts on public health. In this chapter, the evolution of host-pathogen interactions, their molecular mechanisms, stages of interaction, and the development of pharmacological treatments have been examined. The coevolution of hosts and pathogens has led to the development of complex defense systems and invasion mechanisms. Hosts have evolved strategies to recognize and respond to pathogens, while pathogens have developed strategies to evade or suppress the host response [1]. The search for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying host-pathogen interactions has led to the discovery of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) recognition by host pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), the secretion of virulence factors by pathogens to manipulate host signaling pathways, and the activation of adaptive immune responses by the host to target-specific pathogens [2]. Pharmacological treatments have been developed to target various stages of host-pathogen interactions, from preventing infection to treating established disease. However, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens poses a significant challenge to the development of effective treatments [3]. The impact of host-pathogen interactions on public health cannot be overstated, with infectious diseases responsible for a significant proportion of global morbidity and mortality. Understanding the mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions and developing effective treatments are essential to mitigate the impact of infectious diseases on global public health.
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Ponce-Cusi, R., Bravo, L., Paez, K.J., Pinto, J.A., Pilco-Ferreto, N. (2024). Host-Pathogen Interaction: Biology and Public Health. In: Medina, C., López-Baena, F.J. (eds) Host-Pathogen Interactions. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2751. Humana, New York, NY.